Chemical analysis

Would you like to know the composition of a certain metal? We can carry out the precise analysis of stainless steel types such as pipes, plates, coils, tape, staff and other components for a small fee. We can investigate the exact composition for you via a chemical analysis. We do this with the help of a PMI Master Spectrometer.


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PMI Master Pro II spectrometer

With the help of this optical emission spectrometer we can analyze the composition of certain metal items for you in a precise and reliable manner. This allows you to assess with certainty whether a metal grade meets legal standards. Upon arrival of products, materials such as pipes and flanges are always analyzed using a Hitachi Vulcan. If the Vulcan cannot provide sufficient information, we use the PMI master Pro for an extra accurate analysis. We perform our entry check with this spectrometer. Re-authenticating your items is also possible.

HHA Vulcan - Hitachi

The Hitachi Vulcans are also used to perform a material analysis upon entry (quality control) and in case of complaints from customers on materials supplied. If the Vulcan cannot provide sufficient information, the PMI Pro spectrometer is used. This gives an even more accurate result, so that the correct composition can be determined.




International experience

We export pipes and components to more than 55 countries on a daily basis.

Speed and safety

95% of all orders leave our premises the same day. Carefully packaged, labelled and shipped by carriers that stand for quality.


In addition to holding a standard inventory, we are equipped for customisation, special alloys and various grades and sizes

Questions about chemical analysis?

Ad van den Akker will help you out

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