Plasma cutting pipes & sheets

We use our MicroStep plasma cutting machine for cutting hot rolled and quarto plates in all stainless steels and nickel alloys. Our cutting machine uses Kjellberg's innovative HiFocus plasma technology. The plasma cutting system HiFocus 440i neo achieves a high cutting speed and quality up to 120mm material thickness. Precision plasma cutting gives a cutting quality that is almost comparable to that of a CO2 laser. The power source can cut both straight and beveled (bevel cutting) quickly and accurately, significantly reducing post-processing times.

Questions about the plasma cutting?

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What is plasma cutting?

Plasma cutting is a cutting technique for cutting sheet metal, profiles, tubes and pipes. Use is made of plasma that is generated with an electric arc. Plasma cutting is mainly used for parts that are subsequently welded such as metal construction, shipbuilding or offshore companies. Plasma cutting is also a widely used alternative for materials where autogenous cutting is not or less suitable, such as aluminum and stainless steel. Moreover, the cutting speed with plasma cutting is many times higher than with autogenous cutting.


suitable for both steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, as well as other electrically conductive materials

smooth cutting speed

possibility to cut a welding edge preparation (order cutting)

suitable for a wide range of plate thicknesses, depending on the plasma source

possibility of cutting holes with a minimum diameter equal to the plate thickness

MicroStep HD plasma cutting machine MG 12001.25 - 3D

The MicroStep is fully CNC controlled, compares with all existing plasma cutting machines and delivers perfect quality. The precision plasma cutting ensures a better cutting quality, which comes close to laser cutting. We place the cutting on this machine from 10 mm thickness. The plates are laser cut underneath on our Bodor P6020 fiber laser.


The advantages of the CNC plasma cutting compared to the autogenous cutting lie mainly in the four times as fast cutting speed and the lower spread of heat in the workpiece. A plasma cutter can also cut more types of metal than a cutting torch.

CNC computer controlled

CNC plasma cutting machines were created at the end of the 1980s, making it easier to cut complex shapes. Computer Numerical Control or simply CNC concerns the computer-controlled control of machine tools, usually in machining technology, that must quickly and accurately break pieces in metal, plastic or wood. This is done on the basis of a program that is usually generated in a computer aided manufacturing (CAM) system. Usually the EIA-274-D standard is used for this, also called G-code. The M code is also often used to call additional functions (such as tool change).


Cutting sheets:

* Maximum sheet size: 12 x 2.5 meters

* Maximum piercing / piercing: 50 mm

* Maximum cutting thickness without piercing: 120 mm

* Angled cutting 0 - 45 degrees max. sheet thickness of 50 mm

Cutting tubes:

* Diameter to be cut: 30 - 700 mm

* Max. weight: 7 tons

Cutting boiler bows:

According to DIN28011

Diameter 2700 mm * Height: 662 mm * Thickness: 20 mm

Technology: cutting straight and welding edge with plasma rotator

We can cut welding edges on pipes and other operations can also be performed.

For an additional fee we also provide after processing of the cutting edges and removal of the cutting dust residues.

Questions about the plasma cutting?

Renso will help you out.

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