Press braking

Press braking we arrange out of stock for you on our Ermak Speedbend CNC press brake. With 175 tons of pressure force we put stainless steel plates upto 3.0mm thick with a maximum makeup-with of 4.100mm. To make  the entire delivery process even shorter the side press has the ability to import 3D DXF files, so that we can work with the right files.

From August 2018, we can also process sheets with a shelf width of 6100mm and thickness upto 8.0 mm. Our machining department is expanded with an Ermaksan Speed-bend SB6100-400 CNC-controlled hydraulic press brake with 400 tons of compressive force. The SB6100-400 is controlled with 6 axes and is equipped with a Delem 66T graphic touch screen control.

Plate cut to size required? Also this is easy to achieve with us. So short in delivery times significantly and you can immediately get to work with the materials supplied by us.

Jan-Willem Sales & Execution Customization