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Sponsor Dutch 3x3 selections basketball

Sponsor Dutch 3x3 selections basketball

15 June 2017

The national 3x3 basketball teams, representing the Netherlands at the World Cup and Europe Cup this summer, are doing that with Paul Meijering Stainless Steel on the shirt. Since 2015 we are already sponsoring the Orange Lions in the hall and we are now also going to support the 3x3 selections of the Dutch Basketball federation.

We are now sponsoring the step to the razor-winning 3x3 variant, by also supporting the national selections financially.

The timing could not be better, because on June 9, 2017 it became known that 3x3 basketball gets an Olympic status and is scheduled for the Tokyo Games in 2020. The Netherlands plays a prominent role in the global 3x3 basketball. The ambitions of the 3x3 teams of NBB and Paul Meijering are the same: becoming the best in Europe (and beyond)!

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Players: Joey Schelvis, Jesper Jobse, Bas Rozendaal, Sjoerd van Vilsteren

Conny Meijering and Frank Berteling (NBB) after signing the sponsorcontract.