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Measuring is knowing!

Measuring is knowing!

21 December 2017

Since December 20, 2017 Paul Meijering Stainless Steel has 5 new handheld LIBS analyzers: 3 Vulcan Smart Libs analyzers and 2 Vulcan Expert Libs Analyzers. These handheld analyzers are free from the legal restrictions that usually accompany x-ray systems. The vulcan namely generates with laser as a source.

The Vulcan is an excellent tool for handling inspections of incoming materials. The device works quickly (about 2 seconds for an analysis) and is very user-friendly.
Analyzes can be provided with a photograph of the tested material and sent directly to the relevant contact person. With these analyzers we extend our entry control further.


The Looper Analytical bv supplied the analyzers and gave a detailed instruction to
Jacco Broekman, Jo Aarts, Dennis van Schenkhof, Ad van den Akker and Jan-Willem van Eck.
They are fully certified to operate the Vulcans.