Stainless steel 321H / AISI 321H / 1.4878

Stainless steel 321H (UNS S32109) is a heat resistant austenitic Cr-Ni-steel type with good scaling resistance and high heat resistance (427 to 816 ° C).
321H stainless steel, also known as AISI 321H, is thus suitable for purposes that require not just scaling resistance but also high mechanical strength.
Alloy 321H is stabilised to prevent chromium carbide formation through the addition of titanium.

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Applications of stainless steel 321H

✓ Industrial oven manufacturing
✓ Equipment manufacturing
✓ Thermometer tubes
✓ Smelting
✓ Power plant building
✓ Petrochemical
✓ Flues and chimneys
✓ Protective pipes for electric resistance heating

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AISI stainless steel 321H material

AISI stainless steel 321H material consists of:
• Stainless steel 321H, material number 1.4878
• DIN/EN: X8CrNiTi18-10
• UNS S 32109

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