Heat-resistant stainless steel

Heat-resistant stainless steel materials - when and under what conditions can I best use which material? We regularly receive this question from our customers and customers.

Often you already have an idea yourself or choose based on past choices. Some of these materials and qualities are very close in terms of performance and the difference is often in the subtleties:

What is the peak temperature? Is there a constant temperature or does it change often?

Is there cooling, if so, in what way? Is work under a certain pressure and / or is the material (from the outside) subjected to even more stress?

In the first instance, these are often the questions that need to be answered in order to make the right choice.

Marc van Herwijnen

I would be happy to help you make the right choice

Employability of the materials

After answering the above questions, you can get into a situation that several materials are suitable for a particular application. At that time, prices and availability of the material and the products can of course also play a role.

In the event of repairs, it is possible that the continuity of an installation or a machine is endangered. To prevent this, we can switch and supply very quickly, so that you are fully operational again in the very short term.

We are happy to help you make an inventory of all your questions, so that you can deploy the right quality.
Extensive range

Paul Meijering has an extensive range of heat-resistant stainless steel types and products of the well-known austenitic stainless steel types such as:

1.4828 | AISI 309 | X15CrNiSi 20-10

1.4835 | 253 MA | UNS S30815 | X9CrNiSiNCe 21-11-2

1.4841 | AISI 314 (310) | X15CrNiSi 25-21

1.4845 | AISI 310S | X8CrNi 25-21

up to and including Incoloy 825 | Alloy 825 | 2.4858 | UNS N08825


In addition to standard products, we can also provide custom work for you. Consider the cutting to length of pipes and fittings or operations that even go a step further, as the laser cutting of tubes, sheets (fiber), the deburring cutting and, optionally, press braking.

View all options on our Customization page.

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Ruud van de Mortel, Gerard Tegelaar and Renso Strating are happy to help you with customization.





Marc van Herwijnen

I would be happy to help you make the right choice

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