CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility comes to the fore in many things with us. We try to minimise the footprint we leave behind and keep the world livable for future generations.

This includes continuously updating our knowledge and trying to implement changes that contribute to improvements.
For us, sustainability is reflected in various things and ways of working.

Sustainable products

Stainless steel is not yet produced sustainably, but it is in itself a durable product with a long lifespan, provided it is applied and used in the right way.

Our sales department will therefore always inquire about the application of a certain product so that the right advice can be given. After all, this prevents materials from having a short lifespan and having to be replaced earlier due to e.g. corrosion or other problems that can arise with incorrect use.

Solar panels

The roof of our Bossekamp site was fitted with 1,056 solar panels in 2017. With the help of these panels, we reduce our CO2 emissions by 1,250,000 kilometres a year.

Groene stroom Paul Meijering Stainless Steel ENG.jpg
Green electricity from our own sources

With our solar panels we try to fill in as much of our electricity consumption as possible.

Any capacity we are short of we supplement with Green Power | HollandseWind with Milieukeur certification. Both our Bossekamp and Van Voordenpark locations use the supply of green power.

In this way we also contribute to a better environment.


With our stainless steel outlet Inoxdeals.com, we contribute to the recycling of materials. This is because remaining batches and overproductions can be put to excellent use for the next application. After all, produced batches have already been made and by reusing them, no new CO2 is emitted.

For our customers, the outlet is certainly of interest, as we also apply different prices here. At Inoxdeals, you get more stainless steel for less euros and contribute to a better environment by repurposing used materials.


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What is HVO diesel? HVO diesel stands for 100% Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil. The primary raw material in this fuel is of vegetable origin. HVO100 is also partly made from waste and residues that provide an alternative solution to using waste from agriculture. If you choose HVO100, you will contribute to a 50% to 90% reduction in CO2 emissions.

Why we fill up with HVO100 diesel?

Both our trucks and passenger cars run on HVO 100 sustainable diesel. A significant part of the passenger cars are already fully electric or hybrid. Charging the electric cars is possible at both our company sites.

A reduction in CO₂ emissions of up to 90%. This depends on the primary materials used during production along the entire route, from well to wheel. We can only refuel HVO100, mix or alternate with other common diesel. So refuelling en route does not cause any problems for our transport.




Packaging materials and waste

All packaging materials we receive with deliveries are reused by us. Shelves, boxes, (cardboard) pallets - everything can be used to pack products for shipment.

From the start of our business, we have purchased used boxes to pack our orders. To pack our orders properly, we also use BIO bubble wrap (100% recycled) and strapping made from recycled plastic.

Scrap from our operations is naturally collected and taken to a regular metal recycling customer.


LED lighting

Both company sites are equipped with LED lighting.

LED has the great advantage that the light output is much higher with less consumption, thus saving on our energy costs. The lifespan of LED lighting is longer and the lamps do not heat up as much.

After working hours, all our lighting is switched off automatically and no rooms are lit unnecessarily. As a result, we save considerably on our energy costs; and it goes without saying that this is better for the environment.

N2 Genereator.jpg
Generating our own nitrogen

To operate both sheet lasers, we use nitrogen in our customisation department. We produce this nitrogen ourselves using a nitrogen generator from Airtech Stickstoff GmbH.

We therefore always have nitrogen available and do not have to place orders for it with suppliers, who then have to arrange transport to deliver the nitrogen to us and again emit CO2 during transport.


Small contributions that also help

Work furniture in our warehouses is made by ourselves from materials from leftover batches.
Custom lunch is served in our company canteen and surpluses are reduced as much as possible, so food is not wasted.
Cans and coffee cups are collected and taken to a recycling point.