Sourcing of special qualities

One of the largest shipyards in Europe has submitted a request to us to look for a special product with a tight delivery time. We started immediately to deliver the exceptional quality 254SMO for an emergency repair of a ferry. This is a super austenitic stainless steel type with an extremely high resistance to both uniform and local corrosion, which has been specially developed for the oil and gas, pulp and paper and maritime industries.

Marc van Herwijnen

I go for a thorough approach

Fast delivery

We have supplied both pipes and fittings:
Welded elbows 45 ° ASTM A-403, welded LR 406.40 x 12.70 16 "SCH80S XS 4 pieces
Welded elbows 90 ° ASTM A-403, welded LR 406.40 x 12.70 16 "SCH80S XS 2 pieces
Welded pipe ASTM A-358, annealed 406.40 x 12.70 16 "SCH40 / 80S XS 4.42 meters

The special thing about these dimensions is that it has a large diameter and a decent wall thickness. In addition, it is unique in the market to be able to deliver these products so quickly. This is because it is a niche product for which there is little demand and therefore little in stock.

In addition to the demand for a special product, the delivery time was also important. The customer wanted the delivery within a period of 3 weeks. Thanks to excellent logistics and our expertise in sourcing, we have delivered the product to the customer within 2 weeks.

A thorough approach

We will start immediately after the application. We always try to complete the quotation process as quickly as possible. That way we have enough time for delivery. This keeps the costs low and we can deliver value for the customer. By asking what the customer wants and what the expectations are, we can manage this well.

In my role I ensure that our logistics department has all the necessary documents, so that we can take care of delivery on time. As soon as everything arrives here, our warehouse performs the entry check and the standards are checked extra well. Our certificates department checks whether the material matches the certificates. Once everything is in order we can send the order to the customer.

By listening critically to the needs of our customers, we can think along in the entire process: from purchasing to the application of materials.
Satisfied customer

Delivery a week earlier, something the customer was very happy with. It is one of the largest shipyards with around 3000 employees. This considerably reduced the workload. They were therefore extremely well helped. So good that we have gained the confidence to deliver an even bigger order.




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Marc van Herwijnen

I go for a thorough approach

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