Unique fixed price agreements

For a refrigeration company we were asked to supply monthly material for a specific period at a fixed price. In this industry, prices fluctuate every month. It is therefore quite unique to make fixed price agreements for this. By means of a bandwidth that we agree with the customer in advance, we can always make good adjustments. That way the customer knows exactly where he stands.

Marcel Saas

What do you find important?

Specific packaging requirements and appearance

The customer had specific packaging requirements. The material had to be supplied sealed and packaged in weather-resistant foil, which is suitable for outdoor storage. The appearance also had specific characteristics. This had to be exclusively of European material and factory-brushed.

Dynamic lead time

The project had a successful dynamic lead time of five months. Delivery performance and availability of the right material is very important. By asking the right questions, we can bring out the real wishes of the customer. Together we look for a solution and ensure that materials are supplied at the right price and under the right conditions. We were able to deliver the material within 48 hours and for a number of months at a fixed price.

Paul Meijering goes further than just delivering a product at a good price.
Quickly the right advice

What does the customer really think is important? A question that we ask ourselves at Paul Meijering every day. With us, half a word is enough for customers. Thanks to many years of experience, we can help and advise customers quickly, because we can look beyond customer demand and respond to it. Due to the many good relationships that we also have with other suppliers, we have been able to make special market agreements. Are you curious about the possibilities for your material demand? Then contact us without obligation!





Marcel Saas

What do you find important?

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