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QA Department

Paul Meijering has a QA department where all customer complaints are reviewed and resolved. Thanks to short lines of communication, problems are addressed promptly. The QA department closely collaborates with the sales department; if issues arise, how to best address the complaint is discussed immediately. Additionally, there is collaboration with procurement, as purchased products also need to be inspected. If issues are identified, they are discussed, and the supplier is informed. Upon the delivery of the next procurement order, it is checked if the adjustments have been made.

Sten Stolzenbach

"Quality is excluding coincidence"

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ISO 9001:2015

Annually, we renew our ISO certificate, which is assessed through internal and external audits. We conduct two internal audits annually to evaluate our management system. These audits are carried out by Kleemans Advisory, which provides us with tools and guidance to conduct the assessment as effectively as possible. In the future, when the QA department has gained sufficient experience, we will perform this task independently.


The external audits are conducted by Lloyds. In principle, the same aspects are assessed as in an internal inspection, but the outcome of the external inspection is decisive. If the inspection is approved, the ISO certificate is renewed for a year.

For resolving complaints, we use the Pro-aQt program. This allows all data to be stored in the program, and it keeps track of how many complaints come in each month, what the complaint is about, and where it went wrong. With this feedback, we can prevent errors in the future.


Measuring Equipment

To ensure that the materials stored in our inventory meet the standards, they are checked upon arrival. In addition to visual inspection (appearance - stamping - batch data), the material is also measured.

We perform these measurements with various measuring instruments:

-(digital) calipers for outer diameter, width and thickness
-Ultrasonic thickness gauge for pipe wall thickness
-Vulcan handheld analyzer for quality control (304 - 316 - 310 - 321 - etc.)

In addition to measuring instruments used for daily measurements by warehouse personnel, we also have a Hitachi PMI master pro and an optical emission spectrometer, at our disposal.

For us, the motto is: Measuring = Knowing, and trust is good, but checking is better.


Sten Stolzenbach

Sten Stolzenbach is the QA Manager at Paul Meijering. He started in the warehouse as an order picker, then advanced to the logistics department, and since December 2022, he has been the QA Manager. Sten is exceptionally well-suited for this role because he has knowledge of all products, understands all business processes and is able to think in terms of solutions. Sten is a people person; he has good relationships with everyone.

Sten Stolzenbach

"Quality is excluding coincidence"

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Sten Stolzenbach QA Manager / Logistics