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Informal character

You don't have to work at Paul Meijering, but you can work here. That is the motto of our warehouse manager Jacco Broekman. There is an open and flexible corporate culture, in which people work independently and colleagues hold each other accountable. We set up a performance together. As an employee you will experience that there is the 'Paul Meijering feeling'. This feeling is reinforced by the activities regularly organized by our staff association.

Development and training

Even more than your previous education or work history, your work mentality determines whether you fit within our company. Would you like to learn something and develop yourself further? This is certainly appreciated by us and you will also have the opportunity to follow work-related courses or training. We train people both internally and externally. We are also an SBB recognized training company.

Get to know Rico

Rico van Herwijnen - who works as a warehouse worker/construction worker - processes various products every working day with all kinds of different machines. He is regularly involved in laser cutting, edging/setting, sawing and finishing. After his work-learning trajectory, he is now working full-time with us. And, with great pleasure!

Progression to account manager

As a company, we attach great value to your personal and professional developments. By offering targeted training and coaching, we enable you to develop within our team. Maarten Westerlaken came to us through a work-learning process and is now an account manager.

Working as a truck driver

Michel Timmer - truck driver - tells you how he likes it with us. Michel is on the road 5 days a week in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany to deliver pipes, fittings, flanges, plates and coils to our customers. He does his work with great pleasure and enthusiasm. Watch the video and experience Michel's passion for his work and our customers.

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We expect much of our employees in terms of commitment and flexibility. In turn, a good working mentality will be rewarded with a good salary and excellent benefits. After all, one good turn deserves another. We offer, for example, various (internal) training programmes, courses and workshops to our employees.

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