Every day, we export worldwide to customers in the offshore industry, equipment manufacturing industry, and energy and food industries. For our customers, it is of vital importance that our sales department accurately assesses the required grades and dimensions. Listening carefully to our customers allows us to work with them during the entire process: from the procurement of materials up to and including their application.


Apart from our stock, we provide customised and special processing such as sawing, recertification, repackaging and labelling, chemical analysis, CNC turning, laser cutting pipes and sheets, and the clipping/bending of stainless steel sheets. This allows us to create a unique added value for our customers. Get your custom quote within an hour.


Paul Meijering is a company that is always changing. We believe there is always room for improvement: an even shorter turnaround time, a reduced workload, a more flexible working method or a way to further improve the sustainability of our business. Within a fairly traditional industry, we are investing in innovation, youth, training and extensive automation. Innovation keeps us focused and ensures we take the lead as a quality player in the market.


As a family business, we also focus heavily on the future. Sustainability and continuity play an important role in this. As a recognised training company, we train young people with the objective of offering them a job. By offering internal training and courses, we enable our employees to develop themselves within our team. Not only do we take care of our people, we also take care of materials. For example, all packaging within our company is reused. And by buying stock lots, we ensure that materials are not destroyed, but find good use as first and second-choice products. Our location on the Bossekamp is energy neutral, with 1,056 solar panels we reduce our CO2 emissions by 1,250,000 kilometers per year. Take a look at our roof here


The products we supply are personally checked by us for quality. Supplying special alloys is something we excel at. Our services are tailor-made, something we are proud of. With our advanced machinery we can provide you with a lot of custom work of high quality. Because we carry it out ourselves, we apply our own strict quality requirements.

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Our skilled drivers deliver goods with our own trucks. We carefully pack the items you order for transport, so that the products arrive safely at your doorstep. We do this in the most efficient way possible, which saves both you and the environment. Since January 2022, our trucks and passenger cars have been running on a sustainable diesel oil, the so-called HVO 100 diesel.


If you order stainless steel from Paul Meijering, you will receive a customized quote within 24 hours. Do you have a special request about delivery, or about certain qualities? Thanks to our many years of experience, we offer innovative solutions. Our stock is always up to date. If you have a special request and something is not in stock, we can often deliver it the next day.

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Paul Meijering is a quality company with character. Our way of working is fast, professional and friendly. In a competitive market like this, we continue to grow through personal service. We can offer this thanks to the years of experience of our specialists.