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Back in time - Penny farthing

Back in time - Penny farthing

27 March 2019

In the weekend of 11 and 12 May, Zaltbommel goes back in time and there will be various Penny farthing bicycles through the Bommelerwaard.

Stichting Wielersupport Zaltbommel riders are organizing a Penny farthing weekend. On Saturday 11 May a tour will be made from Zaltbommel to Rome and back via Bern. Yes, you read that well from Rome to Bern one afternoon. That is all possible in the Bommelerwaard. The length of this tour will be approximately 47 km.

The Open Dutch Championship 2019 for Penny farting will be held on Sunday 12 May. The route will partly go through the old fortified city and via the beautiful canals, with a view of the city walls, back to the center. Participants from several European countries have already expressed an interest in competing for the red-white-blue jerseys.

More information needed, please visit: Stichting Wielersupport

You can register via: wielersupport@gmail.com

Did you know that

  • the Penny farthing is also called vélocipède, but names such as high bike, penny farthing and Hochrad are also used?
  • these bikes do not have pneumatic tires?
  • there are solid rubber tires?
  • this is not comfortable driving?
  • there are different diameters of the wheels?
  • which depend on the leg length of the rider?
  • there are multiple drivers in the Netherlands?
  • who will then ride with one mind in other countries?
  • the world champion of 2017 lives in the Netherlands?
  • Arie Liefhebber that is?
  • he rides regularly to work on this bike?
  • Paul Meijering has been supporting the Wielersupport Foundation for various events for 20 years and now also supports this weekend as a golden sponsor?