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New corporate identity

New corporate identity

01 July 2019

Together we work hard to be and remain the best stainless steel supplier in Europe. Something we are proud of and what we want to radiate as a company. And a new powerful house style fits in with that. After ten years it was time for a breath of fresh air and we had our unique core values translated into a new design and logo.

Paul Meijering does a lot for her customers. We offer truly personal service and almost never have to answer a question with no. We are happy to accept challenges and deliver orders to the customer with short delivery times. Moreover, Paul Meijering customers receive exactly what they ask for. We only deliver finished products that we are proud of.

As a little boy, Paul was already a fan of the Knight Floris, so the new logo fits in very well with a wink. Conny Meijering, responsible for marketing and P&O: “After we first saw the new house style, we left it on the shelf for four weeks. Purely to see if we were still so enthusiastic afterwards. And we were. All our qualities come to the fore. It is a logo that represents all our core values. Something we can always refer back to. "



Paul Meijering has specific core values that stand for something. These are clearly reflected in the new logo. We are a quality company with character. Delivering special alloys is something we excel at. Our way of working is fast, professional and friendly. In a competitive market like this, we continue to grow through the personal service we offer and the expertise of our specialists. Like knights who protect our city. We are extremely proud of that.