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One stop shopping

One stop shopping

07 October 2020

What does this actually mean, a search on the internet yields different definitions. This is the most striking, however: “Delivery of all products and services by one supplier from one physical location”.

In practice, it is a utopia that as an entrepreneur you could go to one place for all products and services; after all, you do not get your new software package from a metal wholesaler.

Yet there are companies where you can purchase more services and/or products than other comparable companies. Paul Meijering is one such company in the field of stainless steel. This applies to our product range in stainless steel, both in depth and width. But also certainly for the custom package that is delivered and other services.

Our stainless steel product range:

pipes, fittings, flanges, bars, sheets, etc. Not only enormously extensive in terms of the size range, but also in the different available qualities.


Customization package:

sawing (maximum diameter 1100mm)

tube laser fiber up to diameter 230mm

tube laser plasma up to diameter 700mm

sheet laser fiber 6000x2000mm to 12mm thick

sheet laser plasma 12000 x 2500mm to 120mm thick

press braking/bending up to a width of 6,100 mm and a thickness of up to 8.0 mm


One stop shopping Maikel Wammes Paul Meijering


Other services:

Especially thinking along with our customers, ranging from material advice to, for example, placing products on demand. This may be due to purchasing advantage (greater volume) or because certain dimensions/products are not available in the market. Nowadays, customers often no longer want to have stocks at their own location and want to be unburdened.


So are we a one-stop-shop? For some of our customers we will be, but what we know for sure is that we come very close to this in our market and are unique in it.


Maikel Wammes - Field sales advisor - is happy to make an appointment with you to explain what we can do for your company in the field of one-stop shopping. Obviously, this can be done in a way according to the current measures with regard to Covid-19 virus.

In the coming period we will explain this further on the basis of some practical examples and customer cases. We therefore invite you to follow our LinkedIn page: