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Sustainable diesel

Sustainable diesel

03 January 2022

We have converted our first good intention for 2022 into decisiveness.

In collaboration with H. van Dijkhuizen Energy & Mobility, we are making the switch to HVO 100 sustainable diesel.

We believe it is important to make our business activities more sustainable in order to reduce our 'footprint' as much as possible.

HVO100 renewable sustainable diesel Paul Meijering 

Both our trucks and passenger cars will run on HVO 100 diesel. In addition, a considerable number of the other passenger cars are already fully electric.

What is HVO diesel?

HVO100 stands for 100% Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil. The primary raw material in this fuel is of vegetable origin. HVO100 is also partly made from waste and residues that offer an alternative solution to the use of agricultural waste. If you choose HVO100, you contribute to a 50% to 90% reduction in CO2 emissions.

Why should I refuel HVO100?

A reduction in CO₂ emissions up to 90%. This depends on the primary materials used during production throughout the entire process, from well to wheel.
You can only refuel, mix or alternate HVO100 with your usual diesel.

Would you like to know more about sustainable diesel?

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