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08 March 2023

Paul Meijering employs 12 women who make a significant contribution to the daily operations. For everyone in the team, there is room for their own initiative and they can work without hindrance. Time to take a moment to appreciate our hard-working female colleagues!

We would like to introduce you to our 'be aware' women.


Iris van Zeelst

Works as account manager Benelux in the sales department and serves her customers with unprecedented precision. Has recently become a mother of son Melle, to whom much of her time is devoted. Enjoys sports and loves going on holiday.


Henriëtte Aarts

Henriëtte has enjoyed working at Paul Meijering in the Purchasing Department for almost 12 years. She is married and has two children, a son and a daughter, as well as three grandchildren, two boys and one girl. Henriëtte enjoys cycling with her husband and holidays are also high on her wish list.


Judy de Baar

Works at the cosy Inoxdeals & Customization department as a sales assistant since 2010. Was born 56 years ago in light city Eindhoven, where she still lives, for about 38 years together with her husband Cor. Judy likes to spend her free time cooking (and eating 😊), sports (cycling, jogging) and hiking. Favourite holiday countries are Italy and England, enjoying good food, culture and beautiful landscapes there! They also enjoy going to a concert or theatre with friends.


Gerrie den Hartog

Started working for Paul Meijering in November 2009. Then with two adolescents at home, full-time in logistics together with colleague Frank, where apart from sales and administration, basically everything was done. Started to help Judy in september 2010. Gerrie then started working one day less. Meanwhile, the demand for certificates was growing. The company also grew considerably and so Gerrie became "the certificates department". Today, she is grandmother to 3 beautiful granddaughters with a grandson on the way. To spend more time with her grandchildren, Gerrie started working one day less from January 2022. Fortunately, she still has some time left over to read a book now and then, go for a walk with her husband or friend. The occasional weekend away to relax and enjoy good food and drinks.


Sabrina van der Heijden

Sabrina has worked at Paul Meijering in the administration department since 2003. She is married and mother of 2 boys aged 12 and 17. They have been living in their new home since 2019. It was always a dream of her husband to build a detached house himself and they have realised this. Sabrina has chickens and a very stubborn, food-addicted Beagle as pets. In her spare time, she likes to go out with her family. Holidays, cinema, shopping, zoo, etc. are favourites. But she can also really enjoy doing nothing for a while, e.g. reading a book or watching Netflix. 😊


Vera Bouwens

Vera Bouwens is 51 years old, married and has 2 daughters aged 17 and 20 and a Jack Russel.  8 March I have been working at Paul Meijering for 2 years, where I take care of breakfast and lunch for my colleagues. She really enjoys working because she gets to determine her own input and arrange things. She hopes to do this for a long time because at Paul Meijering there is also time for a joke or serious conversation. In her spare time, Vera enjoys taking care for others, going for walks with the dog or getting new ideas.


Renske de Haas

Renske is 39 years old, married to Louis and mother of 3 teenage boys. Meanwhile, Renske has been working at Paul Meijering as a facilities assistant for 1.5 years. As an artist and silversmith, she often works alone in her studio, so it is very nice to work 2 days a week together with colleagues. This combination of work suits her very well!

                              Renske                              Diny

Diny Lobregt

Has been going to work with pleasure for almost 9 years. Nice colleagues and a pleasant atmosphere. Both locations are very nice to clean. The advantage of my job is that you know everyone by name, because it has grown over the years. Diny hopes to work at Paul Meijering for many years to come.


Özlem Karakus

Özlem is 32 years young, of Turkish origin and married to the very best and sweetest man. Currently expecting a little miracle ♡ whom everyone is already completely in love with! Working for Paul Meijering for 5 years now in sales, in the Inoxdeals department and partly at customization. Özlem works with incredibly nice colleagues. Every day is different! Often hectic, but that makes her work super fun and sociable. Her job is selling 2nd choice material, mainly to the Turkish market. That is not always easy, but that makes it exciting and challenging. She enjoys every order she books.


Simone van Bruchem

Simone is a mother of 2 children, a son and a daughter. She has enjoyed 13 years working as a cleaner in this nice company with pleasant colleagues. Her hobbies are her dogs, going on holiday, good food and drinks.


Regina van Lent

Regina is 53 years old and lives in Zoelmond with Aron Laponder and their children Lisa and Luuk. Since 1 March, she has been working at Paul Meijering in the canteen, 2 days a week. In her spare time, Regina does paddling and hiking. She also enjoys going on holiday to a warm country and going out with friends.

                              Regina                              Conny

Conny Meijering

Indeed, wife of ... Paul. Together they have 2 beautiful children, Amber & Niek, and 2 lovely dogs Odin & Buddy - Flatcoated retrievers. The dogs usually accompany her to the office and provide the necessary companionship. In her free time she enjoys cooking, walking the dogs, reading, crafts, listening to music, working in the garden, and much more. Is always short of time for all the things she enjoys. Italian cuisine is her big favourite, in which you can vary endlessly. Speaks a little Italian by now and loves going on holiday to the land of the Dolce Vita. Is responsible for HRM and Marketing and is a member of the management team. She can put her energy into both departments. Marketing does have her preference, given the creative side involved. HRM is interesting because you are always working with people, which really appeals to Conny. It is always fun and a challenge to find the right solution together with others.