Alloy 625 / W 2.4856 / UNS N06625

Alloy 625 is an austenitic nickel-chromium-molybdenum-niobium alloy with the rare combination of excellent corrosion resistance and high durability from temperatures in the cryogenic range up to 1800 ° F (982 ° C).
The durability of Alloy 625 is due to the hardening of the nickel-chromium matrix that is caused by the presence of molybdenum and niobium. As such, this material does not require precipitation-hardening treatments.
The chemical composition of Alloy 625 is also responsible for its excellent corrosion resistance in many heavy-duty conditions, as well as oxidation and carburation resistance at high temperatures. This alloy is resistant to pitting, crevice corrosion, impact corrosion and intercrystalline attacks, and is almost entirely resistant against chloride stress corrosion.
Alloy 625 is easily weldable and processable using standard processes.

Corrosion resistance
The high-alloy chemical composition of Alloy 625 offers excellent corrosion resistance in a large number of highly corrosive environments. This alloy is almost entirely immune to attacks in mild conditions such as the atmosphere, fresh and sea water, neutral saline and alkaline solutions. Nickel and chromium offer resistance against oxidation solutions and the combination of resistance against nickel and molybdenum in non-oxidation environments. Thanks to the molybdenum, Alloy 625 is also resistant against pitting corrosion and crevice corrosion, while niobium acts as a stabilizer during the welding process to prevent intergranular cracks. The high nickel content of Alloy 625 makes it almost entirely immune to chloride stress corrosion.

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Applications of Alloy 625

✓ Offshore engineering
✓ Sea-water systems
✓ Chemical industry, such as super phosphoric acid production
✓ Flue gas desulphurisation systems
✓ Waste incineration systems
✓ Aviation and aerospace components
✓ Steam pipe bellows, marine exhaust systems for ships, subsea additional propulsion systems
✓ Nuclear industry
✓ Oil refining

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Alloy 625 material

Alloy 625 material consists of:
• Material number 2.4856
• NiCr22Mo9Nb
• UNS N06625

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