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Value for money

At Paul Meijering we know that price in the trade is extremely important. But that is not the only thing that counts for good cooperation. We go far for our customers and have an unprecedented good stock. Our customers know that too, because we have been able to build many in-depth customer relationships thanks to the many qualities that we can deliver. Something unique in the fast trade of stainless steel.

Arjan Versluis

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Short delivery times

Offering products quickly from stock is one reason why many customers work with Paul Meijering. Through other trading companies, we receive daily specifications that local end users need. We then deliver these on request.

Collaboration worldwide

We have established a special relationship with a local trader in Eastern Europe. Such a good tire, as a result of which this trader drives up with us every week and picks up his trade. We give him the confidence that we will do everything for him. And we do that too! If we receive requests from his area, we often send them on. He was helped with this and this makes our cooperation even stronger.

Cooperation with traders in Southern Europe is a completely different branch of sport. Here price is the most important. Traders from these European countries come to the Netherlands for specific products. Keeping in stock is often too expensive or too great a risk for these traders in their own country. Because we have a huge stock, with many designs and qualities, we can deliver large volumes quickly and at good prices.

We arrange the export process for you. From order to complete delivery, with all necessary documents.
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Unprecedented large stock and fast delivery of exclusive materials

Managing inventory also has risks. Paul Meijering believes in long-term relationships with its customers, so we also invest in maintaining a large-scale stock. This allows us to answer requests within an exceptionally fast period and to meet demand. Customers know very well where they can find which material and often come to us for special qualities.

The availability of our materials is unique. In addition to the standard qualities offered by other trading companies, we also offer special versions from stock. For example, think of our wide variety of welded and seamless pipes in many qualities and sizes. We continue where other trade organizations stop. The turnover rate of such products decreases as the product becomes more exclusive, and that is too great a risk for many. Paul Meijering takes that risk. As a result, we often deliver products to customers that no one else can offer from stock.

Expert in trade

Arjan Versluis works as an export seller at Paul Meijering. Because of his many years of experience, he knows exactly what is going on in the market and he has many close connections with which he does good business. "The fact that I enjoy coming here every morning and solving new challenges every day is the best thing there is."

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Arjan Versluis

I help you to solve your challenge

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