Laser cutting of sheets

From January 2019 we can also provide stainless steel plates for your laser cutting.

The operating system of the Bodor P6020 realizes an intelligent layout of graphic cutting and supports the import of multiple graphic images. Cutting orders are automatically optimized and smart searches are made for edges and automatic positioning. The system uses the best logic for programming and software interaction, and offers an amazing operating experience. Ensures effective improvement of the use of sheet metal and the reduction of waste. The advantages: simple and fast operating system, efficient and accurate cutting instructions and effective improvement of the user experience.


Ultra-fast exchange, with only 20 sec. switching time is Bodor at the forefront of the market when it comes to changing the table quickly and efficiently. This machine has a 4KW source and is designed for cutting sheet materials. With a Z-axis displacement of 300mm it is also possible to edit strips, tubes and rectangle profiles.

Can be used
stainless steel sheets 6000 x 2000mm
cutting thickness 0.8 - 12mm
pipes/tubes up to 300mm


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