Re-marking Paul Meijering Stainless Steel

You must be authorized to be able to re-mark a type of metal. Paul Meijering has been authorized by Lloyd's Register since 2015 to re-mark (saw)pieces according to the G0304-M003 standard. We can also provide fix lengths of material for you with an ink or hard stamp with a corresponding re-marking statement. View our Certificate Re-marking here.

Questions about re-marking

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Issuing a re-marking certificate

The FlyMarker mini 65/30 is a fully mobile marking machine that we use for making durable and fast markings. The Markator FlyMarker mini has a marking area of 65 x 30 mm. A lightweight marking machine of up to 2.4kg including battery, it is easy to use.

The marking needle is electromagnetically driven and applies dot marks by oscillating movements. Different marking heights are available with increments of 0.1mm. The FlyMarker can work on both soft materials and hard materials.

Depending on the software package, in addition to text and numbers, it is also possible to mark logos and data matrix codes.

Would you like more information on re-marking or re-stamping of material? Our expert staff will be happy to tell you about the standards and possibilities. Please contact us for more information.

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Bodor BML-20FT machine

We also use a Bodor BML-20FT machine. With this machine we can provide hard stamping on the relevant articles. Transferring relevant text, logos or codes online is performed directly with the Bodor machine, such as a QR code. A QR code contains all information within a compact engraving and exchanges the relevant information with other scanning systems. All important and necessary information is stated within that code.

International experience

We export pipes and components to more than 55 countries on a daily basis.

Speed and safety

95% of all orders leave our premises the same day. Carefully packaged, labelled and shipped by carriers that stand for quality.


In addition to holding a standard inventory, we are equipped for customisation, special alloys and various grades and sizes

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Questions about re-marking

Ruud van de Mortel is happy to help you on your way.

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