Sawing various stainless steel tubes and fittings is no problem for Paul Meijering. The right sawing machines are available for single pieces and series sawing work. It goes without saying that all sawing work is properly deburred after cutting. Curious about the possibilities for customized sawing work? Our skilled employees are happy to help you.

Questions about sawing?

Marc van Herwijnen is happy to help you on your way.

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Bomar and Danobat sawing machine park

Many customers order made-to-measure sawing work from us. We have Bomar and Danobat sawing machines on which it is possible to saw stainless steel, steel, aluminum or metal in different diameters. Whether it concerns small or large dimensions, we can always supply a series of customized sawing and miter saws for you. Until a pipe diameter of 1,100 mm it is possible to order custom-made sawing. Miter cutting is even possible up to and including 18 "(457.20 mm). Our Danobat CP350 AFE production machine neatly cuts all your metals up to 14" (356.00 mm) to size.

Technical specifications sawing machines

Can be used for:

* Round tubes 

* Angle profiles 

* Tubular profiles 

* Fittings (for example T-pieces)

The sawing department is supplied from a Remmert automatic long goods storage system with 283 locations. Large diameters are in separate locations.

All sizes from stock and therefore quickly available.

Strong in cutting large diameters and machine tube / hollow bars.

Customized sawing work

You can leave the outsourcing of sawing work to us with confidence. Do you want to know more about customized sawing work or miter cutting? Our experts are happy to tell you what is possible for your metals. Contact us for more information.

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Questions about sawing?

Marc van Herwijnen is happy to help you on your way.

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