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Digital collaboration - EDI

Digital collaboration - EDI

17 August 2020

Request quotes, process all received information and then enter endless long orders in your order system. It can all be much simpler and more fun!

A number of Paul Meijering's customers and suppliers have also decided to exchange what they purchase and sell via EDI, thereby considerably limiting the document flow. EDI applied to the different operational systems in you and our company can lead to important benefits that result in more efficient business operations. Benefits that translate to significant cost savings that, depending on the level of implementation, can be as much as 90% in relation to the same process if done with paper documents.


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We offer our customers and relations the opportunity to work together with EDI. Check out our Cases page and learn more about the many benefits of EDI.


Iris van Zeelst Paul MeijeringEric Franken Paul Meijering Stainless Steel ICT

Iris van Zeelst (sales) - arranges the daily affairs regarding EDI for a number of customers. She can of course tell you more about all the options.

Eric Franken (ICT) - is happy to help you set up EDI.