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Deburring & finishing


Deburring, finishing and edge rounding, with the Grindingmaster Timesavers 42 we arrange it for you. This deburring machine is ideal for customers who want to deburr a part with the best quality and opt for a premium finish.
We use the Grindingmaster Timesavers 42 for products that we can laser for you on our Bodor P6020 fiber plate laser.

Grindingmaster Paul Mejiering  Grindingmaster Paul Meijering

We also use a Vibromak VKUE500 and a VKS50 for the deburring of materials.

Vibromak's vibratory surface treatment machines with separator are used for processes such as deburring, polishing, radiusing, oil cleaning, rust cleaning, oxide and polishing for metals and non-metal materials.

The advantage of this system is that after the separation process of stones the incline lever and the separator can be automatically reset to bring the bricks into the machine in the carrying position.
This system works about 30% more powerful than machines with a vibrating motor, making it work more efficiently in a short time.