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Collaboration fizor.

Collaboration fizor.

25 October 2023

What is fizor.? fizor. is a young company from the beautiful and cozy city of Utrecht, which from 2019 will help companies with Thinkwise software interfacing.

fizor. supports companies active in logistics, manufacturing and wholesale. In these sectors, digitalisation is necessary to remain competitive in the market. Employing a total of 41 people, they help companies around the world stay on top with their digital transformation.


Cooperation fizor. and Paul Meijering Metalen

The collaboration came about because Paul Meijering Metalen needed support in connecting and implementing software via the Thinkwise platform.

It started with a so-called "Dare to ask message" via LinkedIn, making the right connection to an online meeting. The meeting was scheduled for an hour, but lasted a surprising 4.5 hours. Here, not only business challenges were discussed, but also personal passions were shared. This personal connection laid the powerful foundation for our collaboration.

Together, we are working hard to further optimise our business processes. Our continuous commitment to innovation and quality enables us to offer solutions that not only improve the company's efficiency, but also strengthen our service to customers and their satisfaction.


Xavier and RensoXavier and Renso consult with each other very regularly



Three projects have been successfully completed since February this year and fizor. has now started work on two new projects.


Completed projects:

- Metalix

Metalix is a software company that provides links to control machines from a computer. No physical 'hands' are needed to control machines and can be arranged from the office. They apply a CAD/CAM system to our plate laser and press brake, thus saving time and costs.

- Quotation Factory

Using Quotation Factory, we can quickly and accurately produce quotations for our plate laser and press brake. This is mainly used by the customisation department, but can also be used by our regular sales staff.


This programme allows us to automatically read and process incoming certificates. Here, the certificates are linked to a purchase order and associated articles so that they are processed in our stock system as efficiently as possible.


Laser cutting sheetlaser Cetificate Sawing machine 


Future projects:

-The Sawing App

We are currently developing a new application for our sawing department. This innovative app will allow us to seamlessly manage and access all relevant data and information, without the need for paper.

-TMS (Transportation Management System)

A TMS (Transportation Management System), is a logistics platform with technology that allows us to plan, execute and optimise the physical movement of goods, both inbound and outbound.

In addition, we can ensure that shipments are compliant because the right documentation is available. This type of system is often part of a larger SCM (supply chain management) system.

A TMS provides insight into our daily transport activities, includes information on and documentation for trade compliance and ensures timely delivery of materials and goods. With it, we also streamline the shipping process and make it easier to manage and optimise our transport operations, whether by land, air or sea.


Xavier checks the software

Xavier checks the suitability of the software


Core values

fizor. and Paul Meijering Metalen share similar core values, namely:

- Strategy

- Teamwork

- Success

These fundamental values are the starting point of every project we take on together. The commitment to collaboration within our team forms the basis for our success, while the strategic approach ensures that we work efficiently and effectively to achieve our goals. We both do this with genuine dedication, so that we can look back on what we have achieved with a smile on our faces.